Rifleman Thomas Bysshe, Lord Harris (commalord) wrote,
Rifleman Thomas Bysshe, Lord Harris

The ever entertaining world of 'modern poetry'

Astounding criticism from Mikey McCuntface on the sonnet I handed in last week. (The one which, incidentally, I asked him specifically not to hand out to the class this week, and yet he apparently did - even though I wasn't even there to ask, bastard-breach-of-discretion-fuck.)

Apparently "The stanza formation could be 4,4,4,2. It would give greater impact to the last two lines - the final two lines do have the feel of a couplet about them."

Now, that's funny. That's very bizarre, Michael. I can't imagine why the last two lines of a sonnet might feel like a couplet. Not at all. I mean, the rhyme scheme's only ABABCDCDEFEFGG, so it must be a total coincidence.


p.s. happy birthday, Keatsikins. 211 and you're all grown up! /conversing with t'dead.
Tags: poetry, university
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